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My latest exhibition, 随写 vol. 7 / Zuisha vol.7 is now up at Totem Pole Photo Gallery.  

Who:  John Sypal

What:  A serial exhibition by a serial photographer. Previous entires can be seen here: Zuisha  One, Two, Three, Four, Five, & Six.

Where: Totem Pole Photo Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo.  MAP

When: April 15 - 27  / 12:00 - 7:00pm (closed Mondays)

How:  Through a compulsive and obsessive incorporation of cameras, film, time, experiences, people, and darkroom work into my life.  

Why:   Re-read “How” above. 

by Megumi Okubo

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Seen: Life in Transition; Myanmar by Ornin Ruangwattanasuk

Since 2011 Thai photographer Ornin Ruangwattanasuk has been photographing the reopening of Myanmar from the personal perspective with the back streets of local villages serving as a major source of interest. This is her first show in Japan and one you ought to stop by to enjoy before it closes Sunday evening on April 6th.

Where: Totem Pole Photo Gallery, Shinjuku

When:  April 1 - 6. 2014

What: Leica MP (x2) 35 & 50mm Summilux lenses / Tri-X / A very sharp eye

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Seen: Masami Kikuchi’s  Before This Memory is Gone  at Totem Pole Photo Gallery

This was Ms. Kikuchi’s first show in almost seven years featured nineteen wonderful portraits of young women in Japan. Her subjects exhibit a lack of whatever tension or expression that might be presented to a male photographer. This has got to be due to her unique personality, and probably also in part because while she takes pictures, she makes pictures, tooThat’s her on the left (x2) with a friend in the last picture in this set. 

She shot everything on Fuji Provia 100F with her Mamiya 7II. Like so many other young Japanese photographers she has no website or online gallery where her pictures can be seen.  Hopefully this will change in the future-  Tumblr is certainly ready for her work.

When: March 25 - 30. 2014

What: Mamiya 7II (TCS 8.2.2012) / Provia 100F / Direct Prints